Social Media – A Key Strategy to Successful B2B Marketing

According to Hubspot, around 63% of B2B companies generate traffic and leads via social media. With their ever growing popularity, social media platforms enable businesses to increase brand recognition and connect with a global audience.


Let’s take a look at some popular social media platforms and how they help in B2B inbound marketing.

LinkedIn – A professional networking platform, LinkedIn generates the most valuable leads for businesses. According to the source, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.

How LinkedIn helps?

  • The use of LinkedIn advertising helps a business reach potential clients.
  • The Advanced People Search of LinkedIn gives you an easy way to identify your target audience.

Twitter & Facebook – Use of Twitter and Facebook is not so much as LinkedIn when it comes to B2B marketing. But when deployed rightly, the two platforms can be of great deal for a business.

 How Twitter & Facebook help?

  • Post images, questions, facts and statistics or any other informative link of any article that leads to thought-provocation.
  • The “boost post” feature on Facebook is a great way to generate leads. This enables you to reach out to more prospects.

How to enhance your B2B social media marketing?

Be consistent with your online presence

It is important to establish significant B2B social media marketing strategy to create online face value. The number of posts that you publish should be consistent depending on the day of the week. This represents your company as an active brand across different channels of social media.

Know your prospects

Social media creates and nurtures  business-prospect relationship. By engaging in conversations, sharing suitable content and getting to know prospects, social media can be a highly efficient platform to know  your target audience.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Social media enables you to monitor your competitors’ regular posts, updates and followers that helps you building strategies for your company. Keep a record as to what your competitors are up to and how are they catering to the needs of the prospects.

Customize content as per your social media channel

It is really important to deliver a content according to the social media platform. No matter how prominent your content is , when it’s distributed on social media it’s only meaningful within the context of where it appears. For instance, Twitter is a social media where only 140 characters are used, hence you tend to customize your content as per the context of Twitter.


Social media marketing is one such strategy that can add real value to the growth of the business. It is because of these social media platforms, your potential consumer is aware of your brand. Keep that in mind, not every social media platform is right for your business. Your target audience decides your choice of platform for implementation of these marketing strategies.