Designing a Psychology-Based SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is not just about keywords or ranking, it’s about why people search for things in the first place.

It’s about psychology.

Think about it, why did you share that piece of content?

It’s probably because that was something you cared about.

For a successful digital marketing strategy, psychology plays a decisive role. This is why it is important to understand the why behind a user’s behavior. Read more. .


Getting Started with Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system developed by Google that allows you to manage and update tags on your website. It helps users to easily deploy tracking codes, allowing Google Analytics to keep a record of user information. Though GTM facilitates collaboration, lately it has been the subject of some confusion. This blog aims to address some common queries about GTM, talks about the benefits, and helps you install Google Analytics via GTM.


What Digital Marketers Should Know about the Canadian Anti-Spam Law

What is Canadian Anti-Spam Law?

Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is defined as an act aimed at promoting the Canadian economy’s efficiency and compliance by standardizing certain activities that dissuade the use of electronic media to carry out commercial activities. In other words, CASL seeks to constrain the flow of spam in recipients’ folders as well as outlaw phishing and malware. While CASL doesn’t apply to the commercial electronic messages (CEMs) that are transmitted through Canada, it certainly applies to those CEMs that are sent by organizations based in Canada, Canada-based email providers, or global email marketers sending messages to recipients with a Canadian (.ca) email address.