A4 Essential Tips to Make Your Community More Engaging

Users are the most significant entities to drive a successful community. However, the success of your community doesn’t depend on just the number of users, rather it depends on active users, i.e. users actively contributing something to your community. So, to have a successful vibrant online community you need to make sure that quality users stay and engage on your community. So, community engagement is equal to community success.

Lithium online community

Irrespective of what community platform you use – whether you have a Salesforce, Jive, WordPress, or Lithium online community – there are some basic tips that you can use to make your community more dynamic and engaging. You must consider the following:

Keep content latest and thrilling

Quality content is key to user engagement. The thumb rule is to have a “share” button with every content piece, so users can easily share it with others. However, you can motivate people to share your content only if they find it worth sharing. For that, you need to create and publish quality content; you can also share content from other sources, which are relevant and have high authority.

Use gamification techniques

Everybody loves to be rewarded. You can also follow the reward approach to increase user participation in your community. You don’t need to offer tangible awards; gamification techniques like badges, levels, points work exceptionally well to motivate your community users participate actively.

Work on user feedback

Since your community is for users, user feedback is vital. It helps you improve the performance, along with keeping the community up-to-date. With effective and appropriate user feedback, you can work on the required areas of your community and progress towards your objectives.

Govern the discussion areas

Managing discussion areas in a community is a hassle. However, this is something that needs to be done to ensure there are no duplicate discussion areas, or groups that are inactive or outdated. This constant monitoring helps you keep your community discussions well-organized and up-to-date.

These are a few of the basic user engagement tips that work for your community across all platforms. To implement platform specific engagement techniques, you can use help of professional community developers.