Jive Contact Center Pro: Take Your Contact Center in the Cloud

As an entrepreneur, you might be having an all-star staff operating in your customer support center, but are they offering all-star services to your customers? Hiring the right people isn’t enough. Deploying the right technology is also as essential to run a business successfully and stay ahead of the competition.

Jive support community has always been known to offer intelligent, scalable, and powerful solutions to businesses of all sizes. If you are looking for an advanced contact center solution for your business, you need to check out Jive’s recent release: Jive Contact Center Pro powered by in Contact.

jive community platform

Let’s take a look at the all-star features that Jive Contact Center Pro offers:

  • Multichannel Service: Phone is not the only medium, your customers use for communicating. You should also not restrain your support only to the phone. With multichannel service, your callers can now communicate through the medium that they find convenient. Jive Contact Center Pro allows you to engage with your customers via chat, email, fax, IVR, social media, and more such mediums.
  • Real-time and Historical Metrics: Real-time and historical data in dashboards allows you to capture a complete picture of your employees’ performance. You can generate custom reports with 110 possible metrics.
  • Integration with CRM: Serve your callers without switching back to different applications. With Jive’s Contact Center Pro integrated with leading business applications like Google, Zendesk, and Salesforce you can combine customer information in one place and streamline your services.
  • IVR: If you are willing to have a system that can offer services like connecting customers to the right service professionals and provide self-service for basic to complex issues, Jives Contact Center Pro’s IVR is the solution. With it, you can configure greetings, menus, call queues, call paths, and do much more.
  • Coaching: Contact Center training is often conducted “in the field,” i.e. live on the phone with real customers. As coaching tools become invaluable in these situations, Jive Contact Center Pro allows supervisors to monitor calls, barge into a call, and talk to the employee and/or the customer, depending on the situation.
  • Call Recording: For any contact center, call recording feature is a deal-breaker. It not only contributes to coaching and training but improves the quality of calls, verifies compliance with policy, and helps with resolving disputes. Jive Contact Center Pro offers flexible call recording settings that meet the demands of your organization and employees.
  • Mobile Options: You can keep up with the increased push of mobility by allowing employees to log into Jive Contact Center Pro and work, no matter where they are, i.e. home or any location outside the office.
  • Call Queues: Jive Contact Center Pro enables each department to have their own call queue and voicemail. With this, you can give priority to high-value customers, move them ahead of the queue, or route them to a special customer queue. It also offers a callback feature that allows your customers to request a return call, or leave a message in case wait time is too long for them and they aren’t willing to wait.

If you have such advanced features in your contact center, you can empower your team to deliver a great experience to your customers and convert them to followers and advocates.