Create Perfect Live Chat Customer Experience Leveraging Rest API

Customizing Salesforce live chat functionality with Rest API can help businesses deliver seamless user experience. Check out the blog to get more information.

Live Chat API

5 Must-Have Apps to Become More Efficient at Dreamforce 2017

Enhance your efficiency at Dreamforce 2017 and drive desirable results leveraging 5 mobile apps. Check the blog for more information.

5 Must-Have Apps

Seamlessly Integrate Salesforce and JIRA

The Salesforce JIRA connector is the simplest, and straightforward approach for making your JIRA and Salesforce Service Cloud talk. Read our blog to know more

connector salesforce Jira

Customizing Standard Chatter to Offer Consistent User Experience

Businesses can drive more customer engagement leveraging a customized chatter page. Learn how a custom chatter can help businesses in branding.


Fraud Detection and Prevention in LiveAgent

A LiveAgent module is an amazing tool that offers widespread benefits to businesses of all sizes. It allows customers and prospects to chat with a service rep and ask questions, get advice and easily find relevant answers to their queries. This also results in an improvement in the case deflection rates for businesses.


Integrating Pardot Forms with Zoom Webinar to Manage Leads Effectively

Webinars have always been a great source for businesses to establish credibility, share expertise, promote the brand, broaden reach and most importantly, generate leads. Read more. .


Fraud Detection & Prevention in Public Sites

Public sites are more vulnerable to attacks and frauds as they offer unrestricted access to every visitor. If you do not control these attacks and frauds at the beginning, they will lead to stealing sensitive information, hijacking computers, devices or can even damage your business reputation by misusing any information. Read more on fraud detection & prevention. .