How to Leverage Data Layer with Google Analytics

Data layer can be used for custom Google Analytics tracking. Here we’ll discuss some examples and use cases to understand how it’s done.

Data Layer


Why Soft-Skills Are Crucial for Every Analyst

Take a look at this blog by Grazitti and Alteryx, which talks about why analysts need to develop soft-skills to succeed.


Customer Community Engagement

It is tricky to keep your customers engaged on a customer community. Gamification plays a key role in keeping your community members motivated and engaged.





7 Tips You Need to Know Before Creating Your Marketing Dashboard

Marketing dashboards play a vital role in strategic business decisions and marketing-sales alignment. Read to know more.


Boost Sales & Reduce Losses with Risk Analytics

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Gamification in Employee Communities

Elements such as rewards, points, badges etc. motivate employees to take on even the most difficult tasks. Motivated employees prove to be more productive.


Leveraging gamification in partner communities

Gamification in partner communities not only results in a better partner support but also drives higher sales and taps new business prospects.

Partnerships are crucial for business growth. But in spite of all the advantages that partnerships offer and efforts put in to maintain them, 70% ultimately fail. The percentage is predictably higher if you happen to have more than one partner.

So, what are the challenges that restrain businesses in maintaining good partnerships?