Pragmatic Approach to Martech Investments

Know about the 5 Keys to Being Pragmatic When Making Martech Decisions

Pragmatic Approach

Digital Marketing: From a Buzzword to Mainstream

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3 Ways to Monitor Customer Health to Improve Retention and Drive Growth

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Leveraging gamification in partner communities

Gamification in partner communities not only results in a better partner support but also drives higher sales and taps new business prospects.

Partnerships are crucial for business growth. But in spite of all the advantages that partnerships offer and efforts put in to maintain them, 70% ultimately fail. The percentage is predictably higher if you happen to have more than one partner.

So, what are the challenges that restrain businesses in maintaining good partnerships?



What is Google Data Studio and is it right for you?

Data visualization has always been challenging for digital marketers. Managing huge amounts of data and putting the same into charts and dashboards demands some serious labor.